The Testing

Consortium Credentials & Logistics

The COVID Consortium’s vetted consortium of medium and high complexity molecular diagnostic laboratories utilize industry leading equipment including the latest real-time PCR technologies from Roche, ThermoFisher, Fluidigm and other diagnostic tools that have been approved under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) guidance issued by the FDA as well as CAP¹ ,COLA² and CLIA³ quality standards.

The CopernicusMD paltofrm supports a comprehensive solution to manage the complex and scale-able laboratory testing services for the SARS-CoV-19 Screening Test under proprietary technology and a premier team of licensed, experienced physicians, scientists and lab directors.


Consortium Capability

CopernicusMD’s proprietary platform technology and algorithm increases lab testing and efficiency by utilizing capacity and capability driven decisions for commercial testing across multiple service points in Real-Time:

  • Testing allocated based on real-time capacity capabilities across all consortium laboratories
  • Uniformity created in process and access for all stakeholders
  • Single point accountability for test tracking
  • Centralized specimen accessioning allows all project stakeholders access to testing from specimen collection to resulting
  • Informs stakeholders of problem specimens in real-time
  • Allows for all stakeholders to receive results in real-time
  • Communication with patients and stakeholders for managing post Covid diagnosis testing and plasma donations.
  • Allow States to accredit private labs in their states through the consortium vetting process so that these labs may participate based on capability instead of sitting idle on the sideline.

College of American Pathologists
Commission of Office Laboratory Accreditation
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments