Certified COVID Tested Workplaces

Become a Certified COVID Tested Workplace

As America and the World begins to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing has become crystal clear: Life as we know it has changed.

The idea of “back to normal” takes on a new meaning as we adapt to find a post pandemic “New Normal.” In the workplace, that “New Normal” means how do we, as employers, take action to protect our staff and customers from this virus.

The question of “should I test” has given way to “can I test” and “how do I test” employees.


The Certified COVID Tested Workplace program provides companies the ability to instill trust and comfort for both employees and customers alike, that this business is taking the necessary steps to provide a safe business environment for all involved.

Created by Physicians, Clinicians, Laboratory Directors and business leaders across the medical spectrum provides a tailor-made approach for each business to create a testing protocol for its employees.

With certification based on a tailored approach to testing based on workplace, third party exposure risk and employee shared space proximity, companies can proudly provide assurance that not only is the safety of its employees a priority, but the safety of its community as well.

Each company enrolled in the Certified COVID Tested Workplace program engages in an internal/external risk assessment as well as a review possible exposure points to customize the testing program while taking into account logistical and budgetary restraints.

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