Who We Are

medical scientist testing

In Mid March, as the COVID-19 crisis continued in the U.S., one thing became clear to the medical staff at CopernicusMD; either States didn’t desire mass testing for COVID-19 infection or, they simply couldn’t organize it. 

It was puzzling to think that with the resources of the Federal and State governments on both an academic and financial level that broad-based testing in every state could not be mobilized. 

So the Medical team at CopernicusMD got to work. 


The Problem

Each State and Municipality faced two consistent issues: test availability and result turnaround.  Having served years in the technical, clinical and operational silos of the Clinical Laboratory space,  the members of the CopernicusMD understood no single laboratory could solve this problem of high throughput testing for the masses.  It would take the resources of many labs and clinicians to mobilize the resources necessary to make large scale testing available for each state.

The Solution

Thus, the COVID Consortium was created. The COVID Consortium brings the critical and necessary resources of multiple CLIA certified, CAP and COLA accredited medium and high complexity laboratories, clinicians and technology together to allow the delivery of a consistent COVID-19 test with equally consistent result delivery.  With proprietary software and algorithms, the COVID Consortium drives the ability to direct large scale testing to its member laboratories based on capacity and through put, ensuring that each laboratory receives only those specimens it can accurately process on daily basis.

Certified COVID Tested Workplace

The Certified COVID Tested Workplace program provides companies the ability to instill trust and comfort for both employees and customers alike, that this business is taking the necessary steps to provide a safe business environment for all involved.

Our Mission

The mission of the COVID Consortium has two critical priority points.

First, we recognize the need for reliable, clinically valid testing at scale. By utilizing the combined resources of multiple, high through-put clinical laboratories combined with the proprietary algorithm of our software we can insure fast, clinically valid results at scale.

By allocating testing based on available output, as opposed to a mass collection model, the COVID Consortium is able to maximize our consortium labs ability to test at 100% capacity of output.

Based on reagent, equipment, chemistry and supply modeling, we are able to allocate testing and provide same day resulting for our Federal, State and Municipalities where testing is offered.

Second, we recognize the need for broad based COVID-19 testing at the employer level to support the re-opening of the American economy. As we speak to employers both large and small each day, the desire to provide a safe workplace environment for both the employees and their client base. The confidence curve necessary for re-engaging the American economy will require rapid adaptation of companies both small and large to insure a COVID free environment.

The COVID Consortium allows employers to access available, ongoing testing for its employees to provide the continued assurance to its workforce and customers that its employees are truly COIVD free. By making tests available for employees with test collection at their place of business, the burden of searching for available testing, coupled with the logistics of location is solved.